<aside> ❗ Disclaimer: I studied personal training for a year, and have a big interest in exercise, but am in no way an expert in the field and never done it professionally. All information/recommendations in this template are based on the curriculum books used at my University (see references). This is just a helpful tool for to set up your workout programs, without having to do calculations yourself, and have some quick gudelines for how to set up your plan. I know there is alot that isn't covered here. You should really do your own research to make a great program specific to your goals, or ask a personal trainer.


Cardio Recommendations

Strength Recommendations

For Strength training, if you're a Very Active or Active Exerciser you should aim for 1-4 exercises per muscle group, and if you're starting out, you should go with 1-2 excersises per muscle group, both should have a frequency of 2-3 times a week. While for Hypertrophy as a Very Active or Active Exerciser you should have 2-5 exercises per muscle group, and if you're starting out, aim for 1-2 exercises per muscle group, both should have a frequency of 1-3 times a week.

Max Heart Rate & 1RM

It is preferred to actually go through the tests to find your Max Heart Rate and 1RM, but these can be used to find an estimate. In the 1RM Estimate, you'll have a list of all your exercises, add yours, and change the information on the existing exercises. ****Then you write down a rep on the lower side - like 6 or less, and then write down the heaviest weight you can lift for that amount of reps, and select if it's a lower body or upper body exercise - as the calculations for each are different. The 1RM estimates are based on the calculations from this%20%2B%2014.2546.) article from Men's Health. Remember to update 1RM Estimate now and again, to make sure you keep having progressive overload! I put in Last updated and Previous Weight Kg columns, so you can keep track of your progress, and see if you've been lifting the same amount for a little too long.

In Max Heart Rate Estimate you only have to enter your age for an estimate of your Max Heart Rate.

Max Heart Rate Estimate

The Borg Scale

The Borg Scale is a scale from 6-20. It is based on how you feel. 20 being extreme exertion, and 6 being almost zero effort. In this template, you enter your Borg Scale Rating in your cardio exercise afterwards to see if you've reached your goal. If you do however have a smart watch or heart rate monitor, feel free to use those to figure out if you were within range.

1RM Estimate

Exercise Plan and Log

The table/calendar below is the table you'll use most often. In the Edit View you put in your reps, sets and weight - and add a relation to the exercise from 1RM Estimate, and based on your 1RM Estimates for that exercise, it will let you know if it's within guidelines or not, and what category the exercise falls under. If you're kind of new to weight traning, change the Guidelines? formula to this:

if(round(prop("Weight Kg") / prop("1RM") * 100) <= 80 and round(prop("Weight Kg") / prop("1RM") * 100) >= 60 and prop("Reps") >= 6 and prop("Reps") <= 15 and prop("Sets") >= 1 and prop("Sets") <= 3, "⭕️ Within Hypertrophy", if(round(prop("Weight Kg") / prop("1RM") * 100) <= 85 and round(prop("Weight Kg") / prop("1RM") * 100) >= 70 and prop("Reps") >= 4 and prop("Reps") <= 8 and prop("Sets") <= 1 and prop("Sets") >= 3, "⭕️ Within Strength", if(prop("W / C?") == "Cardio", prop("Cardio Guidelines?"), "❌")))

This example table below are based on guidelines for Very Active or Active Exercisers, see above tables for Inactive Exercisers. In this you can see we have exercises for Glutes that go within the guidelines for hypertrophy, and exercises for Arms that are within Strength training guidelines. So we know the sets, reps and weight are within the range for our goals, and we then check the table at the top to see if the amount of exercises per muscle group are within guidelines. For Hypertrophy you'd want 2-5 exercises per muscle group, and for Strength you'd want 1-4 exercises per muscle group. In the quick example there's the same exercises everytime they exercise arms or glutes, but that's just to keep this simple.

Then you can duplicate the exercises you'd do several times a week (like in the example table) and change dates to create a full calendar of your exercises. In Calendar View Exercise Plan is where you'd quickly check your frequency, for Hypertrophy you'd want to work out the same muscle group 1-3 times a week, and for Strength 2-3 times a week. In calendar view you'll quickly see how often you're working a muscle group either for strength or hypertrophy. And you can quickly see the reps and sets, and weight in your calendar for the different exercises that day.

As for Cardio exercises, you'd put the Intensity you're planning to have for that workout - the intervals or minutes with active time. And at the end, you'd rate it on the Borg Scale (6-20), and it'll let you know if you were within the effort levels from the guidelines for cardios with that intensity. Once you've set up a program, you can hide the property for Guidelines? in your Calendar if you want.

I highly recommend making templates for the different exercises, once you've set up a workout plan, so you can plan and create your calendar quicker. Flip through the views!

Exercise Plan / Log